Friday, December 12, 2008

Meng's Orthodox Paradoxes (unfortunately, these are all true about me)

  • I strive hard to be lazy.
  • I'm selfishly compassionate.
  • I desire to not want.
  • Sometimes, I'm not myself.
  • Often, I'm not here, where I am.
  • I actively engage in non-activity.
  • I feel spiritual about my earthly desires.
  • I sometimes fail at failing.
  • I make careless mistakes carefully.
  • I think about non-thinking.
  • Sometimes, my mind is full of nothing.
  • My own arrogance humbles me.
  • I've become a famous unknown.
  • I sometimes pity the more fortunate.
  • I'm so rich I'm working for food.

1 comment:

  1. Here's some more...

    Fun is serious business.
    Valuables frequently aren't.
    The securities industry isn't secure.
    Sometimes I awaken without sleeping.
    Sometimes I wake up dreaming.
    I think "Rest in Peace" is for the living.
    I feel that Heaven IS Earth.
    Unfortunately, so is Hell.
    When I love all people, people hate it.

    Stu Zimmerman