Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Funny Thought: Karma Offset

I should really be a vegetarian, for the good karma. But I enjoy the taste of meat too much, especially sashimi. What to do?

I figured out a solution: Karma offsets. All I have to do is to pay a meat-eater to become a vegetarian, in order to offset my own bad meat-eating karma. Maybe I can even create a world market for karma credits.

See, you CAN have your karma and eat it too.


  1. Something like that actually happened in the Dark Ages in Christianity. If you were a rich sinner, you could pay less fortunate people to perform 'good deeds' on behalf of you. The example I know about involves walking the Way of St. James (, a journey of no less than 800Km.

    I'm afraid I couldn't find any references about this practice. You'll have to take my word for it; I lived in Santiago de Compostela during my teens.

  2. There are several books which allow us to read more on the karmic philosophy. One of the simpler ones can be found at

  3. i'll offset your meat-eating karma for free! I became vegan in November :) haha