Thursday, October 28, 2010

At forty, I could no longer be confused nor tempted

Chinese sage Confucius famously said this about his own life:
- When I was fifteen, I was determined in my studies.
- At thirty, I was self-established.
- At forty, I could no longer be confused nor tempted.
- At fifty, I understood my divine destiny.
- At sixty, I was undisturbed by anything I hear (ie, opposing views).
- At seventy, I could do whatever I wish and still stay within moral and ethical bounds.

(Original text: "吾十有五而志于学,三十而立,四十而不惑,五十而知天命,六十而耳顺,七十而从心所欲不踰矩。")

As I turn forty, I realized that not being a sage myself, I've miss every one of his development milestones.

I didn't learn Dharma at 15, I did so at age 20.  My delta with respect to Confucius was 5 years.

I didn't become financially independent until 33, my delta was 3 years.

Having turned 40, I still can be confused and tempted.  Given my historical trajectory, I'm hoping the upper-bond of my next delta will be 3 years => I should reach that milestone no later than age 43.  I hope.

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  1. Dear Meng,
    Greetings from Singapore/Malaysia.
    I love your vision for world peace based on making meditation a part of daily life.
    I stumbled upon something that might interest you.
    It's called The New Reality project and they are trying to get at least a million people to meditate for world peace on Nov 11.
    I have nothing to do with them, just thought it was something you could appreciate.

    All the best!
    Joe Nathan