Friday, November 4, 2011

Resource allocation fail at a Japanese restaurant

I remember going to a ridiculously expensive Japanese restaurant in Las Vegas.  Usually, I only want to eat sushi at Japanese restaurants but we ended up also ordering noodles because the sushi was insanely expensive while the noodles dishes were merely ridiculously expensive.

After we ordered, the sushi arrived almost immediately, but the noodles took forever to arrive.  Long after we'd finished our sushi, there was still no sign of noodles.  That was especially strange since the 3 sushi chefs were just hanging around not doing anything.  I joked that it must be one of those comic situations where 3 sushi chefs were just hanging around while 1 noodles guy was feverishly working at the back.

Of course, like most things I joke about, this one turned out to be true.  As we were leaving the restaurant, we peeked into the kitchen and there was literally one guy feverishly cooking noodles while the 3 chefs outside were still idling.

It was obvious to me what the boss should have done.  Obviously, he should have made the noodle guy work harder.


  1. That would have been such a 2008 corporate move! Today, that boss would either crowd source more noodle guys or create a leveling up game with enough "flow" to engage his sushi chefs to WANT to make noodles!

  2. what about the owner forming a task team to investigate why the noodle guy can't work faster than the 3 sushi chefs put together?