Tuesday, March 13, 2012

不难行 (The Not Difficult Path)



The Not Difficult Path
With calm mind, I see my true nature,
With jolliness, I open Dharma doors.
With open heart **, I welcome my Buddha,
With non-doing, enlighten the world.

(** There is a deliberate pun in the original Chinese version: 开心 means both "open heart" and "happy".)

Update (3/13/12): For those who ask where this poem came from, I wrote it this morning.  It just emerged in my mind.


  1. non-doing - do you mean doing nothing or not being involved in what you are doing?

  2. Dear Meng,

    I am Cris, from Buenos Aires.
    I learnt about you in two different ways in a same day: this happens when a friend emailed me saying he was reading a super inspiring book that i needed to read, and this was the same day I got the email from the awakening joy course informing your talk was posted in the web. For a very sad family reason, I only listened to the audio early this week... three times (I am a slow learner!)... then I googled you and found the talk you gave at google in youtube and I found the poem your friend read when presenting you so moving that I came to your blog looking for it. (Then I found that just today you posted the same talk I listened a few hours ago...!)
    Wow... the talk for the awakening course was truly inspiring and motivating... and this is also true for this other one...
    I would like to post your poem/post in my blog... I find it a very nice remainder of where I aspire and which is my intention... May I post it making a reference to you? www.lonaciente.blogspot.com
    I hope you come to Buenos Aires someday... if so, let me know! I will be the one with the T-shirt saying: "Meng, this is Cris"!
    Warm hugs,

  3. Cris, please feel free to repost whatever you find helpful. Thanks much. :)

  4. Thank you Meng; has been of great help! Many hugs.