Saturday, December 15, 2012

懶菩薩 / The Lazy Bodhisattva



The Lazy Bodhisattva

With deep inner peace,
And great compassion,
Aspire daily to save the world.
But do not strive to achieve it.
Just do whatever comes naturally.
Because when aspiration is strong
And compassion blossoms,
Whatever comes most naturally,
Is also the right thing to do.
Thus you,
The wise compassionate being,
Save the world while having fun.

I wrote the English version first, so the Chinese version is a rewrite of the English poem.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Search Inside Yourself is #1 in Korea

I have just been informed by my publisher that the Korean edition of Search Inside Yourself was the #1 bestseller in Korea in the self-help category. 

My wife and I both watch a lot of Korean TV, so we both already feel a kinship with the Korean culture.  This is very exciting news for us.  Thank you, Korean friends.