Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Peace in every mind, joy in every heart, compassion in every act

All my friends know that my career goal is to create the conditions for world peace in my lifetime.  But every now and then, somebody asks me, "How will you know when you're successful?"

For a long time, I didn't have an answer.  Well, I do now.  We would have successfully created the conditions for world peace when there is:
Peace in every mind,
Joy in every heart,
Compassion in every act.
That is all.  Simple. 

Let's all make it happen.


  1. Dear Meng,

    I really appreciate your insights from this blog, the work you do at Google and your inspiring talk at Wisdom 2.0 last year. Keep up the good work - it's working!

    I just read the Guardian article about Thich Naht Hanh coming to Google. I also noticed that he was calling on the tech sector to help spread mindfulness by developing relevant apps. I thought this was interesting coming from him! I have a very unique project I'd like to share with you. You are in touch with so many great engineers (who are also interested in mindfulness). I didn't know how to contact you outside of this Blog, so please forgive me for such an awkward introduction.

    To get an idea of the project, please see my web site and imagine this simple meditation timer as an app: http://pranna.com/prannatimer/gallery.php

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Be well,


  2. Meng, thanks for your amazing work. Wanted to share with you this interview here, Benioff told a beautiful story about Steve Jobs' and his own spirituality; I think the story strong relates to your SIY teachings and mission to bring world happiness. Perhaps you can integrate it somehow?


  3. I'll try to support this goal as best as I can.