Sunday, January 26, 2014

Search Inside Yourself in 13 Languages and Counting

As of January 2014, Search Inside Yourself is published in English and 12 other languages.  Here is the entire set, including the 5 English-language editions (the US hardcover edition, 2 UK editions and 2 international editions).

Collect the whole set!

Update (2014/01/27): Cathy from HarperCollins says, "SIY has been licensed to 24 foreign publishers so far – you should have a few more editions to add to the collection soon!"

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  1. Reading the title of your post I have just remembered the Dalai Lama´s quote that "Happiness is our birthright." In my collection of his wise words it happens to be followed by this: "Happiness arises through taming our consciousnes." So yes, maybe calmness and happiness belong naturally to our inner jewels but we must really work hard to regain them later in life. One part of that work surely refers to abandoning of our desires but I am afraid as long as we live we can´t get rid of them completely. But perhaps we can substitute our merely selfish wishes for higher aspirations which involve more then just one person :-).